12-channel theatre sound system – 2 x E3, Venice 160

A very compact system suitable for speech and music playback and ideal for high quality sound in a small theatre venue.

Two pairs of the ultra compact E3 speaker cabinets are included and can be arrayed in pairs for a wide space or distributed around the room for greater coverage.

A rack with mixer, processors and amplification is pre-wired for fast set-up and low mess. The Midas Venice 160 mixer offers 8 mono mic/line channels and 4 stereo line channels that can also be used as mono mic channels for up to 12 mic channels. Additional stereo returns offer additional flexibility from a very compact high-quality mixer.

System specifications
4 x d&b E3 mid/high speaker cabinets.
2 x d&b E-Pac amplifier / controller.
4 x speaker stands or flying kits for E3.
1 x Midas Venice 160 8 mono 4 mono/stereo channel mixer.
1 x BSS FCS966 2 x 31-band graphic equaliser

Optional extras
wired microphones
headset, lapel or handheld radio microphones.
Playback – CD, Minidisk, etc

Transport and crew costs are not included. Please contact us for a quote.