12 kW* d&b – 6 x C6, 4 x C4-SUB, 2 x B2 Infrabass, amps

A compact but powerful stereo sound system for medium to large venues. The addition of the B2 infra bass cabinets fills out the bottom end and makes this suitable for even the most demanding dance music. Also great for music playback for fireworks events…

The quoted wattage belies the output of these extremely efficient speakers, with an output level normally found in systems of around 12kW or more, and hi-fi sound quality as well.

Add a twin CD-player, decks and DJ mixer for a complete system or supply your own. We will supply appropriate output cables from your mixer to the amplifier.

System comprises:
d&b C6 speaker cabinets (x6).
d&b C4-SUB bass cabinets (x4).
d&b P1200A amplifier and modules for C6 / C4-SUB (x3).
d&b B2 infra bass cabinets (x2)
d&b D12 amplifier (x1)
wind-up speaker stands.
cables as required.

*This is an approximate power rating to be used as a guide when compared to traditional systems. d&b systems are extremely efficient and so the actual power rating will be lower.