16 channel theatre sound system – 2 x Q7, 2 x QSUB, LS9-16

A high-quality theatre sound system suitable for use in medium-sized theatre spaces. The d&b Q7 loudspeakers and Q-SUB subwoofers can handle full-range playback or live music with ease. The LS9-16 digital mixer features the powerful mix engine from the Yamaha M7 in a very small footprint and is ideal for a venue with fast turnaround of repeated shows.

System specifications
2 x d&b Q7 loudspeakers
2 x d&b Q-SUB subwoofers
2 x stands or flying kits for d&b Q7
2 x d&b D12 amplifiers with DSP
1 x Yamaha LS9-16 digital mixing console

Optional extras
wired microphones
headset, lapel or handheld radio microphones.
Playback – CD, Minidisk, etc

Transport and crew costs are not included. Please contact us for a quote.