Shure UR3 UHF wireless plug-on transmitter

Shure UR3 plug-on wireless transmitter

The Shure UR3 is a plug-on UHF wireless transmitter that is compatible with a range of wired microphones. Ideal for use with our Shure Microflex MX412 lectern microphones to make a wireless lectern microphone kit.

The Shure UR3 plug-on transmitter enables broadcasters to simply plug any microphone on a small wireless transmitter. In addition to including UHF-R wireless technology, the discrete transmitter provides special features to make broadcasting applications hassle free: RF mute switch, exchangeable coloured cups for easy visual differentiation and full range of phantom power to operate with condenser microphones.

Wide tuning range on a single band version (up to 80 MHz)
RF mute switch allows for hidden RF setup
Exchangeable colored caps for easy visual differentiation
Provides full range phantom power (selectable +12 V / + 48 V)
UHF-R and Axient compatible (RF and IR features only)
Comfortably gripped for ideal handling
Discretely located Audio Level and Power Indicator LEDs
Program microphone ID lists to tailor settings (gain, phantom power, high-pass filter, etc.) per microphone for quick recall
Selectable Mic/Line-level (+24 dBv) input
Sweepable high-pass filter (35 Hz – 285 Hz)
Powering options: 2 AA batteries, when used with dynamic microphones >10 hrs battery life, when used with condenser microphones that require +48V phantom power (full load) >6 hrs battery life

Transmitter Type: Handheld
Dimensions: 117 mm x 36 mm x 43 mm H x W x D
RF Output Power: Selectable: 10 mW, 50 mWmax.*
Battery, endurance: without phantom power, 10 mW: 10 hours / with phantom power, 50 mW: 3range4 hours / frequency band dependent
Weight: 196 g g

Modulation: FM (45 kHz max. deviation)
Frequency Range: 470–952 MHz*
Tuning Bandwidth: up to80 kHz*
Antenna Type: Dipole, Note: UR3 and attached microphone act as the antenna
Carrier Frequencies up to3200, tunable increments: 25 kHz*
RF Output Power Selectable: 10 mW, 50 mWmax.*
Power Requirements: 2AA batteries, alkaline
Sensitivity Settings: mic, line
Gain Adjustment Range: −10–+20 dB
Tonekey: 32 kHz
Frequency Stability: ±0.0015%
Spurious Radiation (below carrier, typical): 75 dB
Equivalent Input Noise:  −127.0dBVA-Weighted(audio front end)
Maximum Audio Input Level (at 0 dB gain setting): LINE setting: +24dBV / MIC setting: −21dBV
Differential Input Impedance: LINE setting: 6 kΩ / MIC setting: 3 kΩ
Frequency Response (+1.5 dB, −3 dB, through a UR4 receiver): 35 Hz–17 kHz, Overall system frequency response depends on microphone element and receiver.
High Pass Filter: Two-pole (12 dB per octave), cut off frequency selectable from 40 to 240 Hz
THD+N (1 kHz sine wave at 6 dB below clip, through a UR4 receiver): <0.3%
System Dynamic Range (A-weighted, typical):
through a UR4 receiver: LINE setting: 107 dB
MIC setting: 105 dB
through a UR5 receiver: LINE setting: 102 dB
MIC setting: 100 dB
Audio Input: Female XLR Connector, 1=ground, 2=hot, 3=cold
Phantom Power: +48 V (±4 V), +12 V (±1 V): 7 mA max.