Apple MacBook Pro laptop – 15″ 2.33GHz Intel Duo, 3Gb RAM, 320Gb HD

Apple MacBook Pro 15"

Our Apple MacBook Pro 15″ laptop can be pre-loaded with the software of your choice. We usually supply the MacBook Pro with Dante Virtual Soundcard, Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live and QLab software preloaded but please note that QLab will require a license for use. Please contact us for more details.

We can also supply audio and MIDI interfaces. If you have a specific requirement for software or hardware please contact us.


Dante Virtual Soundcard software
The Dante Virtual Soundcard software allows your PC/Mac to connect to a Dante audio network. Dante Virtual Soundcard uses the Ethernet port on the computer to communicate with a network of other Dante enabled devices. No special hardware is required other than installing Dante Virtual Soundcard on a conventional PC or laptop.
Audio applications use the Dante Virtual Soundcard as they would any standard ASIO or Core Audio sound card. Popular applications like Cubase, Nuendo and Logic can transmit and receive up to 64 channels to networked audio equipment via the Dante Virtual Soundcard. Our Partner Products page shows available Dante-enabled equipment.
In contrast to a physical sound card, Dante Virtual Soundcard has no physical audio inputs or outputs. Instead, audio signals are sent directly to or received from the PC’s Ethernet network interface card.

Applications include:
Recording live events
Sound effect playback in theatres
Recording in a House of Worship
Corporate events and conference room meetings
Courtroom minutes and Government proceedings recording

Apple Logic Pro audio and MIDI software
Logic Pro 9 is a complete set of creative tools for any musician who wants to write, record, edit, and mix music. It comes with a massive collection of instruments, effects, and Apple Loops, making it easy to get amazing sounds and create amazing-sounding songs.

 Ableton Live audio & MIDI live performance software
Ableton Live is about making music; for composition, songwriting, recording, production, remixing and live performance. Live’s nonlinear, intuitive flow, alongside powerful real-time editing and flexible performance options, make it a unique studio tool and a favorite with live performers. If you’d rather be “making music” than just “using music software,” Ableton Live is for you. Live 8, the latest version, includes a wealth of new techniques and improvements with a new groove engine, revamped warping, live looping, new effects, crossfades in the Arrangement View and a reworked MIDI editor.

QLab show control software
QLab allows you to control audio, video, and MIDI from a single workspace. The basic version of QLab is free and provides a powerful audio playback environment. For advanced users, licenses are available to enhance the audio features, as well as to add video and MIDI functionality.
We’ve worked hard to create an intuitive environment for crafting your designs. Need to trim the head and tail of that cue? Just bring up the waveform editor and drag your start and end points. Want your video flipped horizontally and centered on the second projector? Click, drag, done. Cut and paste cues to new workspaces or even external spreadsheets. Decide you didn’t like that adjustment? No problem, you can undo anything.
QLab uses Apple’s low latency CoreAudio framework to provide playback control accurate to a thousandth of a second. And by taking advantage ofApple’s Quartz Composer technology, QLab allows you to completely customize video rendering in each cue, applying image filters and more.