James headlining The Big Stooshie 2012
Concert PA Systems for hire

PA System hire for all types of live entertainment, whether its a vocal PA system for a small pub gig or a large-scale flown PA system for outdoor events and festivals. We have listed some of our most popular small PA systems and PA package deals on other pages but we prefer to tailor larger concert sound system to your exact requirements. Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email for advice or a quotation.

Larger indoor or outdoor live entertainment systems

For larger systems please call us to discuss your requirements or send an email to hire@dmaudio.co.uk with your spec. We have an extensive stock of d&b Q-series loudspeakers and can configure a high-quality system for any application. d&b are the industry leaders for high-quality audio. Our concert PA systems are based around combinations of d&b Q-Series and C-Series loudspeakers with Yamaha, Soundcraft and Midas consoles.