d&b C6 16-channel speech/ music system – 2 x C6 / 2 x C4-SUB

A  compact system suitable for speech and music playback and ideal for presentations in a small to medium venue. The d&b C6 loudspeakers are joined by d&b C4-SUB subwoofers for a high-quality and powerful system that will make the most of musical content in multi-media presentations and award ceremony stings. Additional loudspeakers can be added for further coverage in a larger space.

The Yamaha LS9-16 is a powerful 16-channel digital mixer with a small footprint that is ideal for use in a high-tech corporate environment. This system needs to be operated by an experienced sound engineer. Please contact for a quotation for crew.

System specifications
2 x d&b C6 mid/high loudspeakers
2 x d&b C4-SUB subwoofers
2 x d&b P1200 or d&b D12 amplifier / controller
1 x Yamaha LS9-16 16-channel digital mixer
1 x BSS FCS966 2 x 31-band graphic equaliser
1 x Denon CD player
2 x sub wind-up speaker stands
cables as required

Optional extras
Shure MX412 lectern microphone kit
AKG C391
condenser microphones.
lapel or handheld radio microphones.
CD or minidisk player / recorder

Transport and crew costs not included. Please contact us for a quote.