d&b E-pac amplifier

The E-PAC, housed in a 2 rack unit high, 7.5″ rugged enclosure, incorporates a power supply, single channel power amplifier, all necessary protection circuits, a remote interface, controls and indicators. The internal controller is based on DSP with Delta-Sigma signal conversion and incorporates the audio signal processing and complex protection circuits specific to the characteristics of the relevant loudspeaker. The E-PAC is pre-programmed for the C6/C690, CI6, CI9 and all E-Series loudspeakers (including the E3 and E12 sub cabinets) and their different operational modes. These configurations are selected by setting DIP switches on the rear panel. A LINEAR mode can be selected for MAX or other passive loudspeakers. In LO IMP mode the E-PAC can drive up to two C6/C690, CI6, CI9, E9 or four E3 cabinets at reduced output (-6 dB). This is useful for situations such as conferences and functions where multiple speakers will be driven at low level.

E-Series single power amplifier controller rated 200 W into 16 Ohms.
Dimensions mm (H x B x T): 2 RU x 19″ x 351.
Weight kg: 6.9.