d&b M4 monitor wedge / loudspeaker

d&b M4 monitor wedge loudspeaker

The d&b M4 is the industry-standard monitor for high-spec corporate events, festivals and touring musicians.

The M4 is a 2-way high performance stage monitor that produces 134 / 138 dB SPL when driven passively with the D6 / D12 respectively or 140 dB SPL when driven actively with the D12. The constant directivity dispersion of 50° x 70° (h x v) delivers an accurately defined coverage area on stage and when used upright it is transformed into a powerful PA system with a dispersion suitable for a variety of applications. The M4 cabinet is constructed from marine plywood, which incorporates the handles, and has an impact resistant paint finish. It has two M10 threaded inserts on each side panel to enable quick and flexible rigging and a socket to accept loudspeaker stands. Two runners recessed in the bottom panel protect the cabinet from scratching and prevent movement.

The M4 can be driven passively either by d&b’s D6 or D12 dual channel power amplifiers configured for the M4 or actively by the D12 switched to 2-way Active mode. More detailed information on specific loudspeaker setups with d&b amplifiers is available either in the relevant loudspeaker or amplifier manuals.

Components: 15″ driver with neodynium magnet / cosaxial 1.3″ exit compression driver with 3″ coil and CD horn

Maximum sound pressure (1m, free field) with:
D6 in passive mode 134 dB SPL
D12 in passive mode 138 dB SPL
D12 in active mode 140 dB SPL

Power handling capacity (RMS / peak 10ms): 400 / 1600 W
Frequency response (-5 dB): 55 Hz (100 Hz in cut mode) – 17 kHz
Nominal Dispersion (H x V): 50° x 70° (horn 90° rotatable)

Cabinets per channel D6 in passive mode: 2
Cabinets per channel D6/D12 passive mode: 2 (In applications with low continuous levels or low ambient temperatures up to three loudspeakers per channel may be connected when using d&b D12 amplifier.)
Cabinets per D12 in active mode: 2

Dimensions (H x W x D): 363 x 580 x 505mm (14.3 x 22.83 x 19.9 inch)
Weight: 20kg (44lb)