Edirol PCR30 32 key MIDI keyboard

Edirol PCR-30

The Edirol PCR keyboards feature quality standard sized velocity sensitive keys together with a wealth of knobs, buttons and sliders for controlling software and external hardware. Computer musicians are sure to appreciate advanced features such as transmission of control information in a wide range of formats including note, clock, control change, RPN, NRPN, and Sysex for maximum user flexibility.

Main features
Pro-quality velocity sensitivity USB MIDI keyboard controlller.
Fully-assignable 8 x Rotary knob, 8 x Slider, 9 x Switch, and 2 x Pedal sockets.
16 Memory and full control of MIDI messages.

Basic Functions
Octave Shift / Key Transpose.
Multiple MIDI functions through note keys.
Built-in USB MIDI interface plus standard MIDI In/Out.
USB Bus powered (or with AC adapter).
Newly developed BENDER Lever (Linear control of Pitch and Modulation).
Drivers for WindowsXP/2000/Me/98, MacOS/OSX.
Dimensions: 600 (W) x 232 (D) x 86.4 (H) mm.

Advanced Functions
8 x Rotary Knobs (for Cut-Off Filter, Resonance, Pan, Tempo, & more).
8 x Slider (for Volume levels, EFX Send levels, & more).
6 x Function Switch (Cursor, Track Mute, Track Solo, Program Change, & more).
3 x Locator Button (Start, Stop, Continue).
1 x Sustain Pedal and 1 x Expression Pedal sockets.
1 x Preset Memory (GM2 Sound Map) and 15 x User Memory.
Full support for MIDI controls, Timing clock, Control Change, RPN/NRPN, SysEx Template sheets for Preset and User memories.
V-Link for direct connection to Edirol Video product.