Electronic digital stage pianos

At DM Audio we have the most comprehensive range of digital stage pianos and keyboards available for hire in Scotland and the North East. Our stage piano hire stock includes old classics such as the Fender Rhodes Stage 73, through to modern 88-note weighted keyboard digital stage pianos such as the Roland RD700GX and Yamaha CP300 and virtual electro-mechanical pianos such as the Nord Electro and Nord Stage 88 ranges.

If you are unsure which piano best fits your requirements or you need a specific model that isn’t listed, please get in touch. DM Audio was founded by a keyboard player who generally needs to be restrained from sharing his stage piano expertise… You have been warned…


electronic stage pianos day week
Fatar SL-880 plus Kurzweil KMP-1 stage piano £35 £140
Fender Rhodes Stage 73 electric piano £80 £320
Iomega 250Mb Zip drive, SCSI, to suit Akai S5000 / Kurzweil K2500 £20 £80
Korg SGproX stage piano £40 £160
Kurzweil K2500X stage piano / controller / workstation with piano, orchestral & contemporary ROM boards, 128Mb sample RAM. V3 with KB3 organs £100 £400
Kurzweil KMP-1 MIDI piano sound module £25 £100
Kurzweil PC-88 MX stage piano / MIDI controller £50 £200
Kurzweil PC3LE8 digital stage piano £60 £240
Nord Electro 3 76 virtual electromechanical synth & organ £80 £320
Nord Electro 5D 73 virtual electromechanical synth & organ £90 £360
Nord Stage 2 EX 88 virtual electromechanical stage piano £120 £480
Nord Stage EX88 virtual electromechanical stage piano £80 £320
Prop upright piano and keyboard stand - looks like an acoustic piano £20 £80
Roland A-90EX stage piano / MIDI controller £50 £200
Roland RD-600 stage piano £50 £200
Roland RD700GX stage piano with USB £75 £300
Roland RD800 digital stage piano £80 £320
Yamaha CLP-295GP digital grand piano with speakers £200 £800
Yamaha CP300 digital stage piano with speakers £80 £320
Yamaha Motif XF8 88-note MIDI workstation keyboard £120 £480
Yamaha P-120 compact electronic piano with speakers £40 £160
Yamaha P-150 stage piano with speakers £40 £160
Yamaha P-255 digital piano with speakers £50 £200
Yamaha P-70 lightweight electronic piano w/ speakers £35 £140
Yamaha PF-500 electronic piano with speakers £50 £200

All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and exclude delivery and crew costs. All hires are subject to DM Audio’s terms & conditions of hire.

These are our electronic pianos. If you are looking for synths, samplers and and rack modules please go to our keyboards page