Farfisa Compact Duo transistor organ

Farfisa Compact Duo

Our Farfisa Compact Duo transistor organ is an original from the late 60’s and although in good order is probably more suited to photo shoots and light duties than full-scale touring. The sound is classic 60’s tranny organ, and similar to the contemporary Vox Continental.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the following info:

The Farfisa Compact series had four models. On the Compact Duo dual manual organs, tone and volume were regulated by controls on the F/AR combination preamp, reverb and power supply unit. On most other models the tone controls and a bass section volume were located on an indented panel on the rear of the keyboard. Underneath the keyboards, a knee-high lever could be actuated for the tone boost feature, turned on by rocker levers on the console. All models had reverb except for the mini-compact.

Most renowned of the Compact Series is the Farfisa Compact Duo, having been used by StereolabAl Kooper (Blues Project), Michael MacNeil (Simple Minds), Richard Wright (Pink Floyd) and Clint Boon (The Inspiral Carpets).


  • Grey/Black Tolex
  • Four-octave upper keyboard with 9 selectors: 16′ Bass, Strings; 8′ Flute, Oboe, Trumpet, Strings; 4′ Flute, Strings; 2-2/3′ (Flute), Brilliance
  • Four-octave lower keyboard with three selectors: Dolce, Principale, Ottavo.
  • Two inferior octaves on the left-hand side of the lower keyboard; one set of octaves were switch-controllable for choice of a bass or acute sound.
  • 4 vibrato settings
  • 3 reverb settings
  • Multi-Tone Booster
  • Swell (expression) pedal + knee control for Multi-Tone Booster
  • Bass note volume control, sustain, sharp, and percussion.
  • 1/4″ Bass output
  • Lower manual volume control
  • Brilliance control which only works with the 2-2/3 (Flute) Tab.
  • Later models also incorporate tremolo, percussion and repeat functions for both the upper and lower treble manuals independently.
  • Unlike other Compact series organs, the Compact Duo models require a separate power supply/solid-state preamp/real spring reverb unit (called the Farfisa F/AR), to which the organ connects via a multi-lead cable. The American version used a 7-pin Amphenol connector, while European models used a Preh multipin. Treble output is available only via the F/AR. Farfisa Amplifier Models BR80 or Twin 80 accept the 7-pin connector and power the organ, allowing the Compact Duo to operate directly, without the F/AR; Farfisa Amplifier Models TR60 accepts the Multipin connector and powers the organ, allowing the Compact Duo to operate directly, without the F/AR. Rocker switches on the organ activate the reverb in the amplifiers (a TelRay (Adineko) reverb/echo unit (oilcan) built into the speaker cabinet).