Fender Twin Amp 2 x 12″ combo 25W/100W



Fender Twin Amp 2 x 12" 100W guitar combo amplifier

Effectively a 3-channel footswitchable version of the ubiquitous Twin reverb, the Fender Twin Amp 2 x 12″ guitar combo amp combines the best features of the Fender range in one amp. It includes the useful facility to switch the final output stage down to 25 watts from the available 100 watts, ideal for getting all the tone at low levels for recording or smaller stages. There is no tremelo on this model, but we can offer you a classic silverface ’70’s model if you want to surf it up.

Switchable power levels (100 watts/25 watts).
2-12″ speakers.
selectable 4/8/16 ohm impedence.
Dual selectable channels with independent tone controls.
dual selectable gain in normal channel.
spring reverb with assign switch.
variable EFX loop with mix control and channel assign switch.
line out.
external speaker out.
3-button footswitch.