Gallien Krueger MBe-112 150W 1 x 12″ bass combo


Gallien Krueger GK MBe-112 1 x 12" bass combo amplifier


The Gallien Krueger GK MBe-112 is a 150W 1 x 12″ combo beloved by jazzers and double-bass players.

Despite its compact dimensions, this combo has a respectable 150 watt output and has comprehensive tone-shaping options. Unusually it also offers a stereo chorus effect.

Front Panel features:
input jack with -10db pad switch.
volume pot (gain).
low cut on/off switch.
contour pot.
high boost pot.
four-band EQ with two swept mid frequencies.
footswitchable stereo chorus with depth & rate pots.
footswitchable boost.
output level pot.
limiter with on/off switch and level pot.
headphone jack.

Back Panel features:
IEC (kettle lead) power socket.
two remote speaker output jacks.
internal speaker on/off switch.
mono (post limiter) line out jack.
mono (post effects) balanced out XLR.
left (post effects) balanced out XLR.
right (post effects) balanced out XLR.
mono line out XLR.
stereo aux in jack.
mono send & return jacks.
footswitch jack.