Hammond C3 (B3) tonewheel organ

hammond C3 tonewheel organ


Our Hammond C3 is a 1960’s orignal. Identical to the iconic B3 in every way apart from the case with “modesty” panel, the Hammond tonewheel sound is instantly identifiable. Our Hammond C3 is flight-cased for easy transportation, although it should be noted that this is not a light instrument. If in doubt please check with us first! We supply the C3 with an original Leslie 122 rotary speaker cabinet, which is also flight-cased.

The following info is stolen from http://theatreorgans.com/hammond/faq/all_hammonds.html

Production Years: Jan 1955 to 1974
Synopsis: Take a B-3’s guts and put it in the C type church model case.
Cabinet Size: With pedal keyboard and bench: 48.75x46x49.5 (WHD, inches), 450lbs with bench and pedalboard
Finish: Walnut/Oak and speciality finishes. Later version in both finishes less quatrefoil. US and UK cases are slightly different.
Manuals: Swell and Great, 61 keys each.
Pedals: 25-note radiating, detachable.
Controls: 9 presets and 2 sets of 9 drawbars for each manual. 2 adjustable drawbars (16′ and 8′) for pedals.
Amp/Output: Internal preamp only.