iPad with Soundcraft Visi for remote control of Vi6


Soundcraft ViSi Remote is an iOS application that allows remote control of Soundcraft Si Compact and Vi Series mixing consoles wirelessly from your iPad device using no additional hardware other than a wireless access router connected to the Harman HiQnet® Ethernet port of the console.

With ViSi Remote you are free to roam your venue and adjust mixes and other audio parameters directly from the iPad!

• Optimise the front of house mix from anywhere in the room
• Adjust monitor levels while standing next to the artist
• Use to extend the fader count of an existing control surface
• Use in standalone mode for familiarisation with console functions
• Control a network of consoles (e.g. FOH and Monitor)

Functions controlled
• Input faders, mutes and solos
• Bus, master LR and VCA master faders, mutes and solos
• Monitor and headphones output levels
• Graphic EQs on all bus outs
• Aux send levels to each bus from all channels (monitor mixes)
• Matrix contribution level to each matrix bus

The system includes the following components:

1 x Apple iPad preloaded with Soundcraft ViSi software
1 x wireless router
1 x network cable