Kick Mic of Doom – (not Yamaha SKRM-100SFV subkick)


DM Audio kick mic of doom - not a Yamaha SKRM-100SFV subkick



The DM Audio Kick Mic of Doom was inspired by the discontinued Yamaha SKRM-100 Subkick, and is a low-frequency capture device that picks up the low frequencies (100Hz-2000Hz) that a normal microphone can’t. When used in conjunction with a normal internal microphone (for the attack), your kick drum has a jaw-dropping bottom end like you’ve never heard before. The flexibility of the stand allows you to use the Kick Mic of Doom for a variety of applications in live or studio situations. It can be used in conjunction with an internal microphone on bass drums and floor toms, djembe, bass guitar cabinets, pianos…your imagination is the only limitation.