Korg M1 keyboard synth

The Korg M1 was the first synth to offer sample-based synthesis and multi-effects and a sequencer in one relatively affordable package.

The M1 is still well-used in professional circles: the keyboard has a good feel, with aftertouch as well as velocity sensitivity, and some of the sounds have been re-issued on newer Korg models because they have a quality that is hard to find elsewhere. Exponents of Scottish Dance music swear by its piano and bass sounds, and other types of dance music keep coming back to its (sometimes lo-fi) character. Jazzers often spec this one as well. Just don’t expect to get a whole song in the sequencer….

16 voice polyphonic.
8 part multitimbral.
4 Mb waveform ROM.
VDF Variable digital filter.
VDA Variable Digital Amplifier.
61 keys with velocity and aftertouch.
100 user-programmable Programs (patches).
100 user-programmable Combinations (Multitimbral setups).
Combinations have Multitimbral, Layer and Split modes.