Korg MS-10 analogue mono synth


Korg MS10 analogue mono synthesiser

Comment from the experts

This one from the Virtual Synth Museum site.

The Korg MS-10 was the most basic, and consequently the most inexpensive, of Korg’s MS series. The MS-10 featured a 32-note (F-C) keyboard and semi-modular design, in that you could reroute the signal of some modules via patch cords, but you didn’t have to use patch cords to make a basic synthesizer sound. A monophonic synth, the MS-10 had one VCO, one VCF, an LFO with multiple waveforms, an ADSR with hold controls, and knobs to control pitch, portamento time, external signal level, resonance, and pulse width. It also had one wheel, for pitch bend.

[from The A-Z of Analogue Synthesizers , by Peter Forrest, published by Susurreal Publishing, Devon, England, copyright 1994 Peter Forrest]

Another opinion, this time swiped from the Vintage Synth Explorer site.

A cool & classic analog synth that makes great bass and percussive sounds. It’s a simple monophonic single-VCO analog synthesizer with the authentic look of a mini-modular. The MS-10 is really a powerful little mono-synth with a patchbay, plenty of knobs and a keyboard. It is CV/Gate controllable. A very cool feature is it’s external input to filter which allows you to filter external sound sources!

On a personal note, the first synth I ever bought was an MS10, and I used it as a bass synth through the early 80’s (a time when a band could be bottled for not having a bass-player. Who says keyboard players are wimps!). It has a lovely deep warmth and occasional punch (if you can get the filter just right). Now I tend to leave it set up as a haunting “theremin”. Lovely…….. DM