Korg O1/W Pro 76-note keyboard synth workstation

The Korg O1/W Pro is based on the Korg O1/W FD but its 76-note keyboard offers an extra octave compared to the standard model. As well as all of the great sounds of the 01/W FD it also offers new drum sounds and an improved acoustic piano. The tone generator section includes a full 80 Mbits of PCM data. It features a grand total of 256 multisounds (a multisound consists of a number of samples mapped out across the keyboard) built on the multisounds of the 01/W, while adding the piano multsound of the XPC3S PCM card as a standard feature. The drum sounds, too, have been expanded to a total of 129
sounds, with the addition of brush tom, guiro, and other percussion sounds These models are completely compatible with the existing 01W sound library. And there’s also the 01W’s exciting Wave Shaping function, that lets you select any of 60 WaveShaping tables to add new harmonics to the multisounds. It opens a host of new sound creation possibilities

Of course, these new models feature the 01/W’s independent dual digital multi-effect processors, which put a selection of 47 different effects at your control. Features such as dynamic modulation and the ability to turn all effects off in global mode are sure to please any musician Large capacity of 400 programs, 400 combinations, and 8 drum kits. The 01Wpro and 01WproX both have two memory banks capable of storing a total of 200 programs, 200 combinations, and four drum kits And you can double their capacity by adding an optional SRC-512 RAM card. This large capacity lets you store a large stock of tonal variations and sound effects, making fast sound changes easy whether you’re working on stage or in the studio. Both models feature 16-track, 16-timbre se quencing with the 01/WFD’s large capacity of 10 songs, 100 patterns, and 48,000 steps And both add a new Standard MIDI File mode that lets you exchange sequence data with personal computers and other MIDI devices that support this standard This means you can even transfer your data to products by other manufacturers without any troublesome conversion process. The sequencer section has other convenient functions, such as the ability to mute and solo individual tracks, that make the task of sequencing smooth and fast And the built-in disk drive makes data management using 3 5″ 2DD disks a snap.