Korg X5D keyboard synth

An excellent all-rounder with General Midi compatibility but much more to offer. There are 100 single and 100 combination patches available in addition to the GM bank. The effects are very good (the usual Korg effects chip as used in the O- and X-series synths) and the Combi patches allow 8-part multi-timbral set-ups to be stored complete with MIDI channel, effects sends, etc. This unit really excels as an organ (partially due to the excellent rotary speaker emulator), and can be loaded if requested with 200 different organ patches from cathedral pipes to dirty B3s, but is also very popular for dance music, Scottish Dance music (an altogether different thing) and any general keyboard use. Cheap and very cheerful.

Sound Source
Sound Generation Method: AI2 (Advanced Integrated) Synthesis System.
64 voices, 64 oscillators (single mode);
32 voices, 64 oscillators (double mode).
Keyboard: 61 notes with velocity.
Waveform Memory: PCM 8 Mbytes.
Effects: 2 digital multi-effect systems, 47 effects.

ROM 128 programs + 8 drum programs (including one drum program for GM).
RAM 100 programs + 100 combinations.
Control Inputs: Assignable Switch, Assignable Pedal.
Outputs: L/MONO, R, Headphones.
Communication Terminal: Computer interface (to host PC).
Display: LCD 16 characters x 2 lines with backlight.
Power Supply: DC12V, 700mA (AC adapter).
Dimensions: 900.0 (w) x 254.2 (D) x 83.4(H) mm.
Weight: 4.5 kg.