Kurzweil PC-88 MX stage piano / MIDI controller


Kurzweil PC88 MX stage piano

88-note, two-piece weighted keyboard with mono pressure.
Controllers: Pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 4 front panel sliders, 3 front panel switches (momentary or toggle, software selectable), 4 continuous control pedal inputs, 2 footswitch inputs, mono pressure.
MIDI: Transmits on 4 channels, Receives on 16 channels. In, Out, Thru (hardware switchable to copy of MIDI Out).
Max Polyphony: 64, dynamically allocated.

269 internal presets in 4 banks.
64 Internal Voice programs, including:

Grand Piano.
Tine E. Piano.
FM E. Piano.
Ensemble Strings.
Drawbar Organ.
Clav, Vibes.
Electric Bass & Acoustic Bass (with and without layered Ride Cymbal).
Acoustic Guitar.
Synth Pads.

128 General MIDI programs.
77Expansion Voices programs, including variations of the GM programsplus drums and percussion.
19 x 64-Note Polyphonic programs are duplicated from Internal Voices Bank for creation of 64 voice Setups.
Effects: 2 Stereo digital multi-effects processors with 40 effects algorithms (reverb w/ eq, chorus, delay) with real-time control via MIDI

2 Outputs (1/4 in. jack Left/Mono and Right).
Stereo headphone out.
MIDI Setups.
128 user programmable MIDI setups, each with 4 independent zones, effects and arpeggiator settings.
64 factory programmed MIDI setups.
Arpeggiator: Full-featured MIDI note arpeggiator with multiple latch modes, selectable play order, velocity, duration, tempo, and sync functions.
Power: 9V AC external power supply.