Lexicon MPX-100 reverb & effects


24-bit internal processing.
20-bit A/D-D/A.
S/PDIF digital output.
240 presets; 16 user programs.
True stereo reverb programs: Ambience, Plate, Chamber and Inverse.
Other effect types: Tremolo, Rotary, Chorus, Flange, Pitch, Detune, Delay and Echo.
Dual-channel processing allows control of completely independent effects on the left and right channels.
Tempo-controlled delays lock to Tap or MIDI clock.
Tap tempos can be controlled by audio input, Tap button, dual footswitch, external MIDI controller or MIDI program change.
Dual, 2-stage headroom indicators.
Headphone output.
Software-selectable MIDI OUT/THRU port.
Pushbutton or footswitch selection of dry or muted audio output.
20-bit A/D-D/A.
20 Hz-20kHz Frequency Response.
Dual stereo effects with pitch, 5.7 second delay, modulation and Lexicon reverb.
Independent processing on each input.
Simultaneous analog and digital (S/PDIF) outputs.