M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB MIDI controller keyboard


The M-Audio Oxygen 25 packs a big punch in a tiny package. With a full range of real-time controllers and 25 full-sized keys the Oxygen 25 makes a great controller for DAWs or live performance.

25 velocity-sensitive keys
8 MIDI-assignable knobs
1 MIDI-assignable slider
dedicated transport controls
Dedicated track up/down buttons
DirectLink mode automatically maps controls to common DAW parameters
Factory presets map controllers to popular virtual instrument software
Unique Select buttons for on-the-fly step through of presets, program changes and MIDI channels
4 velocity curves and 3 fixed velocity settings
Sustain pedal input
Class-compliant with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X
USB bus powered


MIDI Data from variable controllers:
MIDI Control Number
Program, Bank LSB, Bank MSB
Pitch Bend
GM/GM2/XG SysEx Messages

MIDI Data from buttons/switches:
Note On
Note On/Off toggle
MIDI CC On/Off toggle
Program, Bank LSB, Bank MSB presets
MIDI Machine Control functions
GM/GM2/XG SysEx messages

weight: 3.8lbs. (1.7kg)

dimensions: 16.2″ L x 9.4″ W 3.7″ H