Mackie CR1604 VLZ 16 mono, 4 grp, 4/6 aux

This desk is contained in a compact rack-mounting package but has a high specification. The microphone pre-amps are excellent and each channel strip has 3-band EQ with a swept mid frequency, Pre-fade (Solo) level, and an input level LED. 6 auxiliary sends are available from 4 pots, and the first two are switchable pre- or post- fade. Each channel can be individually assigned to the four subgroups, which can be switched into the main signal path or sent out separately. In addition to the stereo balanced outputs there is a mono out with level control and the left and right busses get insert points as well.

Channel features
16 mic/line channels each with
3-band EQ with swept mid frequency.
low cut switch (75 Hz 18 dB/octave high-pass filter).
6 auxiliary sends (1 & 2 switchable pre/post-fader).
Mute and Solo switches (solo switchable PFL/AFL).
independant routing to L-R, 1-2, and 3-4 output pairs.
signal & peak indicator.
insert points.

General features
4 subgroups switchable to feed left & right busses.
4 stereo line inputs (effects returns).
Solo light.
Tape send & return.
Switchable headphone monitoring (auxes, main, tape, solo).
BNC light fitting (gooseneck Littlite supplied on request).
Rack mountable.

This mixer can be supplied ready-wired in a rack with amps, effects, and EQ so all you have to do is plug in one power lead and the speaker cables. This means that our intermediate systems are as easy to use as a mixer amplifier. If you have a sound engineer we can supply the amps separately and include a multicore.