Marshall 6100 Anniversary 100 watt 3-channel head


Marshall 6100 Anniversary 100 watt guitar amplifier head

The Marshall Anniversary series was originally offered as a limited edition to celebrate Marshall’s 25th anniversary, but it was so good it made it into the permanent line-up. The three channels allow simulation of virtually any Marshall sound as well as having its own unique character.

Three completely independent channels.
High/Low input pick-up compensation switches.
Clean channel with volume, 3 band EQ plus bright and mid shift switching.
Crunch channel with 3 modes, plus gain, volume and 3 band EQ.
Lead channel with gain, volume, 3 band EQ, plus boost and contour switches.
Effects balance control.
Low volume compensation switch.
100w Pentode/50w triode switch.
High/low power switch.
Damping select switch.
Effects loop with level, series / parallel and trim controls.
Balanced compensated line out.
Channel selection via MIDI.