Mesa-Boogie Mark III 1 x 12″ combo 50W


Mesa Boogie Mark III guitar combo amplifierThe Mesa Boogie Mark III is a versatile amp that is much louder than one would expect from a quoted 60 watt output. Many different sounds are available from the three modes and EQ is also assignable to bypass except when in Lead mode, but the Mark III is still easier to use than the overly-complex Mark IV. These amps are usually requested by artists with a vaguely jazzy direction but are probably just waiting to come back into fashion…..

3 footswitchable modes
Rhythm 1: bright & clean. Fender-like.
Rhythm 2: clean, fat & warm to crunchy. Marshall-like.
Lead: Big crunch to smooth sustained lead.

Volume 1 (input level).
Pull Bright.
Pull Treble Shift.
Pull Rhythm (an alternative to footswitchingfrom Rhythm 1 to Rhythm 2).
Pull Bass Shift.
Master (output level).
Pull Deep (adds body to single coil pickups, etc.).
Lead Drive (Lead gain control).
Pull Lead (selects Lead mode).
Lead Master (works in conjuction with Master to set max Lead volume).
Pull Bright (adds extra brightness in Lead mode only).
5-Band Graphic EQ (80, 240, 750, 2200, 6600 Hz).
EQ Switch: on, off, auto (lead mode only).

Preamp valves: 12AX7.
Power Amp valves: 6L6.