Midas Venice 160 mixing desk

The Midas Venice range is the new industry standard for compact high-quality mixing desks. The Midas Venice 160 features 8 mono channels and 4 stereo channels (which can also be used as additional mono mic channels) as well as four dedicated stereo effects returns. The Midas Venice 160 is unique in offering professional mixing in a rack mount format. We will usually supply the Venice 160 racked into the top of a mixer-rack, with EQ, effects and processing all wired and ready to go. We can even build in amplification and radio mics to create a professional sound system for presentations and touring theatre that can be set up in minutes.

The Midas Venice is perfect for theatre, conference or live entertainment applications where space is at a premium but quality cannot be compromised. Featuring high quality mic preamps, a stable & responsive EQ section and excellent build quality, the layout of the Midas Venice console is simple but well thought out and includes professional features not usually found in a small frame mixer.

Features and Specifications Midas Venice 160
Inputs (Total) 30
Mono inputs (Mic/Line) with inserts 8
Stereo Line/Mono Mic input channels 4/4
Stereo FX returns (Line) 4
Stereo Tape return (Line) 1 left/right
Busses 15
Subgroups 4
Aux Pre Fader (Monitor) 2
Aux Post Fader (Effects) 2
Aux Switchable Pre/Post Fader 2
Master L/R 2
Mono PFL 1
Stereo AFL 2
Subgroups (with inserts) 4 impedance balanced 1/4″ jacks
Aux Pre Fader (Monitor) 2 XLR (balanced)
Aux Post Fader (Effects) 2 impedance balanced 1/4″ jacks
Aux Switchable Pre/Post Fader 2 XLR (balanced)
Master (with inserts) 2 XLR (balanced)
Master B Out
(switchable mono/stereo pre/post fader)
2 XLR (balanced)
Tape Send (recording) 1 stereo (phono)
Direct Outputs 8 1/4″ jack
Stereo Headphones 2 stereo 1/4″ jack
Stereo Speakers 2 impedance balanced 1/4″ jacks
Additional Features
Connector for Littlite gooseneck lamps 2 x 12V/5W (4-pin XLR)
19″ Rack mount kit with rotatable connector panel
Equaliser Mono Channel
Hi Pass Filter 2nd Order Butterworth 80Hz
Treble +/- 15dB at 12kHz (shelv)
Hi Mid Cont. var. 100Hz – 2kHz +/-15dB
Low Mid Cont. var. 400Hz – 8kHz +/-15dB
Bass +/- 15dB at 80Hz (shelv)
Equaliser Stereo Channel
Treble +/- 15dB at 12kHz (shelv)
Hi Mid 3kHz +/- 15 dB
Low Mid 300Hz +/- 15 dB
Bass +/- 15dB at 80Hz (shelv)
Width 490mm
Depth 568mm
Height 194mm
Weight 16.4kg