Midas Venice 320 mixing desk

The Midas Venice range is the new industry standard for compact high-quality mixing desks. The Midas Venice 320 features 24 mono channels and 4 stereo channels (which can also be used as additional mono mic channels) as well as four dedicated stereo effects returns to give a total of 40 inputs under linear fader control.

The Midas Venice 320 is perfect for theatre, conference or live entertainment applications where space is at a premium but quality cannot be compromised. Featuring high quality mic preamps, a stable & responsive EQ section and excellent build quality, the layout of the Venice console is simple but well thought out and includes professional features not usually found in a small frame mixer.

Features and Specifications Midas Venice 320
Inputs (Total) 46
Mono inputs (Mic/Line) with inserts 24
Stereo Line/Mono Mic input channels 4/4
Stereo FX returns (Line) 4
Stereo Tape return (Line) 1 left/right
Busses 15
Subgroups 4
Aux Pre Fader (Monitor) 2
Aux Post Fader (Effects) 2
Aux Switchable Pre/Post Fader 2
Master L/R 2
Mono PFL 1
Stereo AFL 2
Subgroups (with inserts) 4 impedance balanced 1/4″ jacks
Aux Pre Fader (Monitor) 2 XLR (balanced)
Aux Post Fader (Effects) 2 impedance balanced 1/4″ jacks
Aux Switchable Pre/Post Fader 2 XLR (balanced)
Master (with inserts) 2 XLR (balanced)
Master B Out
(switchable mono/stereo pre/post fader)
2 XLR (balanced)
Tape Send (recording) 1 stereo (phono)
Direct Outputs 24 1/4″ jack
Stereo Headphones 2 stereo 1/4″ jack
Stereo Speakers 2 impedance balanced 1/4″ jacks
Additional Features
Connector for Littlite gooseneck lamps 2 x 12V/5W (4-pin XLR)
Equaliser Mono Channel
Hi Pass Filter 2nd Order Butterworth 80Hz
Treble +/- 15dB at 12kHz (shelv)
Hi Mid Cont. var. 100Hz – 2kHz +/-15dB
Low Mid Cont. var. 400Hz – 8kHz +/-15dB
Bass +/- 15dB at 80Hz (shelv)
Equaliser Stereo Channel
Treble +/- 15dB at 12kHz (shelv)
Hi Mid 3kHz +/- 15 dB
Low Mid 300Hz +/- 15 dB
Bass +/- 15dB at 80Hz (shelv)
Width 906mm
Depth 568mm
Height 194mm
Weight 25.8kg