Pearl Masters Recording BRX 5-piece Jazz kit – platinum mist


Pearl Masters Birch BRX drum kit

Our Pearl Masters BRX birch is a beautiful kit and is finished in Platinum Mist (natural birch with a translucent sparkle varnish). The kit is available in small sizes only and is suitable for jazz & hip hop or as a compact kit. As standard we supply the kit with coated Ambassador skins on the toms & snare and a Powerstroke 3 bass drum head.

Sizes available
10 x 8 rack tom
12 x 9 rack tom
13 x 9 rack tom
14 x 14 floor tom
18 x 16 kick drum

A choice of snare drums is available and one snare is included in the kit price. Please see the drums and percussion page for details. The kit is supplied as standard with a Pearl Masters Premium Birch 14 x 5.5″ snare in matching Platinum Mist finish. The kit price also includes a set of heavy-duty Pearl hardware including:

3 x Pearl BC-800W retractable boom cymbal stands
Pearl hi-hat stand
snare stand
kick drum pedal
drum throne

The BRX Masters Studio features 6-ply 7.5mm 100% birch shells renowned for their “natural EQ” sound: strong lows and cutting highs for presence and clarity unequaled by other woods. These characteristics make the BRX especially ideal for unamplified live acoustic situations and in the studio.

BRX mounted toms feature MasterCast die cast hoops for improved attack, focus, and noticeably clearer definition. Mounted toms also include Pearl’s OptiMount Suspension System featuring four-point mounting for unparalleled stability, resonance and sustain. TH-100I dual-tilt infinitely adjustable Uni-Lock tom holders allow simultaneous up/down/left/right positioning for unlimited angling possibilities and improved ease of use.

Bass drums feature D-054 claws with rubber gaskets to protect the beauty of the MRX’s hoops. Recessed tension rod receivers prevent accidental tension changes for set-and-forget tuning. Standard features include SP-30 spurs, BB-3 bass bracket, and Remo Powerstroke3 bass drum heads.