Pearl Vision VSX 5-piece fusion kit – champagne sparkle


Pearl Vision VSX drum kit Champagne Mist

The Pearl Vision series VSX birch drum kit offers outstanding value for professional drummers working to a budget. Our Pearl Vision VSX drum kit is finished in Champagne Sparkle and is available in a variety of configurations. Our Pearl Vision VSX drums are fitted with chrome hardware. The image above illustrates the colour.

Our Pearl Vision VSX 5-piece fusion kit includes the following drum sizes:

10 x 8 rack tom
12 x 9 rack tom
14 x 14 floor tom
22 x 18 kick drum
14 x 5.5 snare drum

As standard we supply the kit with Remo Pinstripe skins on the toms, coated Ambassador on the snare and a Powerstroke 3 bass drum head. Other skins are available as an option.

Sizes available
10 x 8 rack tom
12 x 9 rack tom
13 x 10 rack tom
14 x 14 floor tom
16 x 16 floor tom
22 x 18 kick drum

The kit price also includes a set of Pearl 900 series hardware including:

2 x Pearl boom cymbal stands
1 x Pearl straight cymbal stand
1 x Pearl hi-hat stand
1 x Pearl snare stand
1 x Pearl kick drum pedal
1 x Pearl drum throne
1 x drum carpet

Pearl’s 60 years of acoustic research has proven that the interior plies of the shell are the key influence to the overall sonic characteristic of the drum. Vision Series exploits this knowlege to the fullest by using two unique shell recipes of Birch and Basswood. Birch offers a resilent tightly bound network of cells that tend to accelerate rebounding sound waves making it perfect where mid to high frequencies are desired. Basswood provides a slightly softer cellulouse composition which tends to slow the sound waves thus promoting mid to low frequency response. By adjusting the overall balance of one ingredient to the other allows a fine tuning of frequency response much like our Reference Series.

• 6 ply 7.5mm Toms
• 8 ply 10mm Bass & Floor Tom
• Wood Bass Drum Hoops w/Matching Finish
• Two-Ply Tom Batter Heads
• Perimeter EQ Bass Drum Heads
• Reference-Look Bridge Lugs w/Rubber Gaskets
• Reference-Look Recessed BD Claws w/Rubber Lining
• Bridge-Type Bass Bracket
• Uni-Lock Tom Holders
• 900 Series Hardware
• I.S.S. Tom Mounting System