Pro DJ Package 2 Coffin: 2 x 1210, DJM-600 & Denon DN-D9000 twin CD

This system is suitable for most professional DJ applications. All equipment is from the top of the range of the most sought-after manufacturers. We offer variations to allow for personal preferences (see Pro DJ package 1).

The decks, CD players and mixer are racked into a console. Just connect the power and output cables and the system is ready to use. We can provide a stand if required.

We supply all the cables you need: if you are using your own PA system just let us know what type of input connector your amplifier has (usually 3-pin XLR or 1/4″ jack) and we will provide suitable output cables from the mixer.

Please note that this system is bulky and heavy. You will need a large estate car or van to transport it and two strong crew if it needs to be lifted any distance. If in doubt you may prefer to try Pro DJ package 1 which is cased separately.

System Components
2 x Technics SL-1210 Mk II direct-drive record decks.
1 x Denon DN-9000 twin CD player.
1 x Pioneer DJM-600 mixer.
1 x “coffin” console.
1 x cables as required.