Quik-Lok Z716L 1-tier heavy-duty z-frame piano stand


Quiklok 716L keyboard Z stand


The Quiklok Z716L keyboard stand is extra wide, and has a stable Z-frame suitable for use with larger keyboards such as pianos and DJ “coffins”. The stand can be adjusted in 30mm increments from 670mm to 850mm in height and is suitable for seated or standing players. Accessories such as a second tier (see Z-726L) and a music stand can be added as required.

Front to back top tier depth: 502mm.
Front to back bottom leg depth: 603mm.
Side to side width: 1118mm.
Stepped height positions: 670, 700, 730, 760, 790, 820, 850mm.
Weight capacity: 113 kg.
Weight: 8 kg.