Roland JD800 polyphonic MIDI synth


Roland JD800 keyboard synthesiser

Recently voted one of the top ten greatest synthesisers of all time, the Roland JD800 is a hugely powerful synth with the unusual bonus of a useful control surface. While most of the JD800’s contemporaries required editing of sounds to be carried out via a single small menu-driven LCD display the Roland JD800 crammed 125 buttons knobs and sliders onto the front panel. Most importantly, 75 of these send out Sys-Ex which can be recorded into a sequencer for extensive real-time control of sounds. A huge range of sounds can be created with this synth, characterised by digital crispness but with surprising depth. Both pure waveforms and sampled sounds are available.

61 keys, Velocity, Channel aftertouch, 4 velocity curves.
24 voices Polyphony.
6 Partr Multitimbral (Multi mode): 5 part multitimbral + drum mode.
64 internal RAM patches storage positions plus 64 Rom-card.
S+S (Sampling and Synthesis) with resonant filters.
6 MegaByte ROM with 108 PCM Waves, expandable by PCM Rom Cards.
44100 Hz CD Quality waveforms.
24 db Filters.
108 internal source waveforms:
125 buttons, knobs and sliders on the front panel (75 dedicated for sound editing send out recordable sysex).
Effects processor : 2 effect chains, 1x mono, 1x stereo: