Roland Juno-106 analogue synth (MIDI)


Roland Juno-106 analogue synthesiser


Plug the Roland Juno-106 in and re-live the 80’s. As you flick through the presets you’ll find youself asking, “Isn’t that the sound from……..” and you’ll probably be right. Everyone had a Roland Juno in the 80’s, whether it was the earlier MIDI-less Juno 60 or one of these later Juno-106s. Excellent control from the front-panel faders and switches (which send MIDI info) make this a very powerful and intuitive synth to work with. Setting up custom patches is easy, and the filters are classic Roland. Just as useful in the 90’s, it is a favourite for dance music, especially for its ability to sweep the filters via MIDI.

From the manual……
The Juno-106 is 61 Key, six voice fully programmable polyphonic synthesiser.
The digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) guarantees an extremely stable pitch.
The Juno-106 is the complete 6 voice synthesiser provided with 6 VCF’s, 6 VCA’s and 6 ENV’s.
The Juno-106 includes memory capacity to retain up to 128 different patch programs.
The Juno-106 features battery back-up system to retain the programs even when switched off.
If connecting the Pedal Switch to the PATCH SHIFT jack, you can call the 8 patch programs stored in the same bank one after another, simply by pressing the pedal.
Transposition to any key is possible by the Transpose function.
The portamento function is provided.
The chorus effect produces rich and expansive sounds.
Featured with MIDI BUS, the Juno-106 can be set up with other MIDI devices.