Roland KC500 keyboard combo 150 watts 1 x 15″ & horn


Roland KC500 150W 1 x 15" keyboard combo amplifier

The Roland KC500 keyboard combo is the spiritual successor to the Roland Cube amplifiers of the ’80s. The KC500 features 4 stereo inputs and the ability to send one side of the stereo mix to the internal amp and the other side to another amp for a true stereo system.

It is suitable for use as a small stand-alone public address system as well as for keyboard monitoring.

15″ woofer and 2″ horn driver; 150-watt output power.
Four stereo input pairs; Input channel 3 accepts mic-level input XLR and 1/4″ stereo output.
Assignable output from channel four – line out, speaker out, headphone out.
Stereo Link In/Out for chaining two KC-500s for stereo stage sound.
Three-band EQ and volume control in master control section.