Roland XP-80 keyboard synth workstation


Roland XP80 keyboard synthesiser


The Roland XP80 features a 76-note synth-weighted keyboard and 8Mb of sample ROM, with the option to add up to four specific SR-JV80 sound expansion cartridges. The Roland XP80 is compatible with Roland XP60 but has an additional octave of keyboard.

Weighted 76-note music workstation with 64-voice polyphony, 16-part multitimbral capability; conforms to General MIDI System. Contains the same sound chip as the JV-1080 sound module.

8MB* of high-quality Roland waveforms onboard, expandable to 40MB* using any four of Roland’s popular SR-JV80 Series wave expansion boards (Equivalent to 16MB and 80MB respectively, in 16-bit linear format.).

Enhanced 60,000 note MRC Pro Sequencer with refined Groove Quantize, non-stop Loop Recording and Tempo Sync (BPM).

Advanced Arpeggiator with 33 different styles; Velocity-sensitive Realtime Phrase Sequencer (RPS).

Three powerful, independent built-in effects processors: Chorus, Reverb and EFX (w/ 40 available insert effects).

Large new 320 x 80 full-dot backlit LCD with acclaimed user interface borrowed from XP-80.

Four Sound Palette sliders for quick, intuitive sound shaping; many dedicated buttons for easy operation.

Four Assignable pedal inputs; Two pairs of independant stereo outputs; Click output with volume knob.

Compatible with JV-1080, XP-50 and XP-60.