Roland XP30 keyboard synth


Roland XP30 keyboard synthesiser

The Roland XP-30 offers the sound set of the Roland XP-80 workstation, plus all the waveforms from the “Session”, “Orchestral”, and “Techno” expansion boards.

61-key performance synth with velocity and aftertouch sensitivity
64-voice polyphony
1,406 patches, including all sounds from the “Session”, “Orchestral” and “Techno” wave expansion boards
28 Rhythm kits
2 expansion slots for installing SR-JV80-Series expansion boards
Advanced Arpeggiator capabilities derived from the XP-60/80
Reverb, Chorus and 40 multi-EFX
Serial port MIDI interface
Four assignable Sound Palette sliders
Patch Finder and Phrase Preview for quick navigation and sound selection
SmartMedia card slot provides additional storage