Sennheiser e604 dynamic clip-on drum mic

This is the successor to the MD-504. Funky clip on mics ideal for toms, etc. An engineers’ favourite. No stand means less set-up time, less mess and less to carry. They look cool as well. Can also be used on a mic stand (screw thread built-in) for applications where high SPLs are present but there is nowhere to clip them.

Pickup pattern: Cardioid.
Transducer principle: Pressure gradient receiver.
Frequency response 40Hz – 18kHz.
Sensitivity (free field, no load) =/-75dB (odB=1V/Pa).
Nominal impedance at 1 kHz: 350 ohms.
Min terminating impedance:1000 ohms.
Dimensions: diameter=33mm; length=59mm.
Weight: 60g.