Shure Beta 98 D/S condenser microphone w/ drum mount

Shure Beta 98 D/S drum microphone

The Shure Beat 98 D/S is the default choice for micing toms and percussion instruments.

The Shure Beta 98D/S is a high performance mini-condenser microphone designed to excel at professional sound reinforcement or recording. Its ultra-uniform pickup pattern provides high gain-before-feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted noise. The interchangeable cartridge (cardioid or supercardioid) allows you to adapt the microphone to specific applications.

With the unique A98D microphone drum mount (supplied), no other rim-mounted microphone stays more securely in place. This hardware has been redesigned for quicker, more secure rim-mounting without the need for a drum key. Its flexible gooseneck lets you position the mic in practically any configuration, so you get a virtually unlimited choice of sound options.

Tailored frequency response for studio quality performance
Wide dynamic range for use in high SPL environments
Uniform supercardioid pattern for high gain before feedback and superior rejection of off-axis sound
A98D drum mount is unobtrusive and versatile–allows precise positioning of the microphone while holding it firmly in place
Compact design reduces stage clutter
Detachable cable for easy storage
Interchangeable microphone cartridges with different polar patterns are available
Legendary Shure quality, ruggedness, and reliability


Condenser (electret bias)
Frequency Response
20 to 20,000 Hz
(measured at 304.8 mm [1 ft] from a spherical sound source, free field conditions)
Polar Pattern
Supercardioid (as supplied), uniform with frequency, symmetrical about axis. Cartridge for cardioid polar pattern also available.
Output Level (at 1,000 Hz)
Open Circuit Voltage: -59 dBV/Pa* (1 mV) typical
*1 Pa = 94 dB SPL
Maximum SPL
(20 Hz to 20 kHz, less than 1% THD)
2.5 kilohm load: 160 dB
1 kilohm load: 156 dB
Preamplifier Output Clipping Level
(20 Hz to 20 kHz, less than 1% THD)
2.5 kilohm load: + 6 dBV (2.0 V)
1 kilohm load: + 2 dBV (1.26 V)
Dynamic Range
(at 20 Hz to 20 kHz, less than 1% THD, 2.5 kilohm load)
125 dB (max SPL minus A-weighted noise)
Output Noise
35 dB SPL, A-weighted
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
59 dB re 94 dB SPL
Output Impedance
Rated at 150 ohms (actual)
Recommended minimum load impedance: 1 kilohm
Hum Pickup
-7.5 dB equivalent SPL in 1 mOe field (60Hz)
Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3
Phantom Power
48 Vdc +/- 4 Vdc(IEC-268-15/DIN 45 596), positive pins 2 and 3.
BETA 98/S: 7.6 m (25 ft) light-weight, two-conductor shielded, TA4F to TA3F mini connectors.
BETA 98D/S: 4.6 m (15 ft) heavy-duty, two-conductor shielded, TA4F to TA3F mini connectors.
Microphone: Matte black enamel brass case and stainless steel inner grille
Preamplifier: Matte black enamel finished steel
Microphone: 11.7 mm X 35.6 mm (0.46 in. X 1.40 in.)
Preamplifier: 20 mm X 99 mm (0.79 in. X 3.89 in.)
Net Weight
Microphone: 12 g (0.4 oz) less cable
Preamplifier: 96 g (3.4 oz)