Shure P9R in-ear monitor wireless receiver

Shure P9R in ear monitor receiver


The Shure P9R is the low-profile stereo bodypack wireless receiver for the Shure PSM900 wireless in-ear personal monitoring system.

The Shure PSM 900 wireless In-Ear Personal Monitoring System from Shure offers a clear and accurate audio quality and robust radio frequency performance. Innovative features allowing for ease of use and quick setup make the Shure PSM900 the ideal solution for the most demanding professional applications. All new, patent-pending CueMode allows the sound engineer to monitor different stage mixes with the touch of a button. Precision front-end RF filtering significantly reduces dropouts from RF interference.

We supply our Shure P9R in-ear monitor wireless eceivers complete with Shure SE425 earphones unless otherwise specified, and a small charge will be made for disposable hygienic foam sleeves. Additional receivers can be hired separately if required.

Environment: Medium to large stages
RF Output Power: Switchable: 10, 50, 100 mW (+20 dBm) (regionally dependent)
Operating Distance: Up to 90m
Frequency Response: 35 Hz – 15 kHz
Harmonic distortion: <0,8%
Signal-to-noise-ratio: 90 dB (A) typical
Compatible Systems per band (up to): 20
Transmitter Inputs: 2x XLR/6,3 mm combo, mic/line level
Transmitter Outputs: 2x 6,3 mm outputs
Wired Bodypack Option: No
Personal Mix Control: On transmitter
Remoteable Transmitter: Yes
Battery Life: 2 AA, 5-7 h
PSM 900 System
RF Carrier Range: 470 – 952 MHz (regionally dependent)
Tuning Bandwidth: 36 MHz – 40 MHz (regionally dependent)
Companding: Patented Shure Audio Reference Companding
Spurious Rejection (ref. 12 dB SINAD): >80 dB (typical)
Frequency Stability: ±2.5 ppm
MPX Pilot Tone: 19 kHz (±0.3 kHz)
Modulation: FM, MPX Stereo (±34 kHz deviation, nominal)
Operating Temperature: -18°C – +57°C

P9RA Bodypack Receiver
Front-End RF Filtering: –3 dB point 30.5 MHz from center frequency
Active RF Gain Control: 31 dB (adjusts RF sensitivity to provide more RF dynamic range)
RF Sensitivity (20 dB SINAD): 2.2 μV
Squelch Threshold (±3 dB SINAD): 22 dB SINAD
Adjacent Channel Rejection: >70 dB
Intermodulation Attenuation: >50 dB
Blocking: >80 dB
Image Rejection: >90 dB
Audio Output Power (1kHz @ <1% distortion, peak power, @32Ω): 100 mW
Minimum Load Impedance: 9.5 Ω
High Boost Selectable: +3 dB, +6 dB @ 10 kHz
Dimensions: 99 mm x 66 mm x 23 mm