Shure PA821-SWB antenna combiner

Shure PA821A antenna combiner

Shure PA821A antenna combiner rear


The PA821-SWB antenna combiner is the ulitmate problem solver for products that are dependent on the simultaneous operation of many PSM and wireless microphone routes at a venue. As an active broadband antenna combiner with 8 inputs and output of the PA821A provides a significant improvement in reception quality and up to eight wireless transmitters can be combined in a single antenna. This will reduce intermodulation distortion and also avoid dropouts due to multipath interference.

The PA821-SWB is compatible with the wireless personal monitors Shure PSM 400, PSM 600, PSM 700, PSM 900 and PSM 1000. It can also be used with all other in-ear monitoring transmitter and/ or antenna combiners of the intergrated passive combiner with two inputs and one output can be connected.