Shure UHF-R 8-way headset – 8 x UR1M, 8 x DPA 4066, 4 x UR4D+, distro

Shure UHF-R® Wireless Microphone Systems master the high pressure and extreme conditions of any large-scale touring or installations environment while delivering uncompromising Shure sound. Rock-solid engineering, the latest technology, and unparalleled RF performance provide sound professionals with all the features and flexibility they need to tightly control up to 108 systems for the most elaborate productions.

Our Shure UHF-R 8-way wireless DPA headset mic systems include the following components:

4 x Shure U4D+ dual wireless receiver
8 x Shure UR1M micro bodypack transmitter
8 x DPA4066 headset microphones – choice of black or pink
2 x Shure UA870SWB directional active antennae with stands
6 x BNC link cables – for RF cascade between UR4D+ units
2 x  5m BNC cables – antennae to rack