Small band PA systems for hire

Most of the staff at DM Audio are musicians, and we understand the needs of bands and solo artists trying to present a quality performance on a limited budget. These smaller PA systems offer amazing sound quality for the money, and are simple to set up and operate. The Vocal PA systems are suitable for solo artists or bands playing smaller venues without mic’ing everything up, whereas the budget concert PA systems provide many of the features of our top-end PA systems at a fraction of the cost.

We offer PA System hire for all types of live entertainment, whether its a vocal PA system for a small pub gig or a large-scale flown PA system for outdoor events and festivals. We have listed some of our most popular PA systems and PA package deals here and on our concert PA systems page but we can tailor a PA system to your exact requirements. Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email for advice or a quotation.


Vocal PA systems day week
Challenger 50W battery-powered loudspeaker £30 £120
Challenger 50W battery-powered loudspeaker w/ wireless microphone £40 £160
Challenger extension speaker for Challenger powered loudspeaker only £10 £40
Yamaha 600W 8-ch PA system - 2 x MSR400, MG16/6FX £40 £160
Yamaha MSR400 powered monitor wedge £10 £10

These vocal PA systems offer excellent value and are ideal for smaller venues. Prices include microphones and stands as indicated. Monitor wedges, extra microphones, DIs, etc are available at additional cost.


Budget Concert PA systems day week
1200w Logic 12-ch PA system with 4 x monitors £120 £480

Our budget concert PA systems are suitable for medium-sized venues where a powerful full-range system is required. These PA systems have been designed for easy set-up and operation and are ideal for “dry” hires. Extra microphones, DIs, etc are available at additional cost.


All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and exclude delivery and crew costs. All hires are subject to DM Audio’s terms & conditions of hire.