Sony MDS-E10 pro minidisk recorder

Sony MDS-E10 minidisk recorder

The Sony MDS-E10 is a rack-mountable MiniDisc Recorder that has the flexibility for use in a broad range of environments. It features Vari-speed playback, digital and analog I/O,
and includes a Track Multi Access function.


ATRAC Type “R” technology
The latest version of ATRAC encode/decode DSP provides excellent recording and playback quality.
Handling signals during digital processing at a resolution of 20 bits brings a dramatic improvement in the accuracy with which ultra low-level signals are processed. This brings the benefit of higher recording quality, with a wider dynamic range.
Both coaxial and optical connectors are provided for the IEC 60958 type II digital inputs and outputs. Unbalanced phono connections are included for analog input and output signals.
Record level adjustable on both digital and analog inputs.
Analog : Knob on rear panel / Set-up menu in digital domain, adjustable L/R balance Digital : Set-up menu in digital domain
Incorporating the MDLP2/4* standard, the MDS-E10 can record and playback in stereo for up to 320 minutes on an 80-minute disc. This is a very useful feature for recording extended meetings or conference proceedings, and for playback in PA applications.
The first few seconds of up to 10 tracks are held in memory to provide an instant, hot start, from any of these tracks.
Provides variable-speed playback over a range of ±12.5%, in 0.5% steps.
When playing back an MDLP2/4 recording, the Vari-speed range is +0 to -12.5%, in 0.5% steps.
Wide Bit Stream technology for 20-bit precision
Flexible input /output interfacing
Rec level adjustment
LP stereo recording mode
10-point Multi Access function (Hot Start)
Vari-speed function
Operation using a PC keyboard.
An optional PC-compatible keyboard with a PS/2® interface can be connected for track naming, and to provide the same functions as the wired/IR remote commander.
When a single, long duration track is recorded, these features allow the track to be divided into segments of identical duration using Auto Track marking. Segment duration can be set to be between 1 and 10 minutes.
This feature enables recorded sound levels to be adjusted by rewriting tracks with a revised sound level. Fade In and Fade Out can also be added to recorded tracks. (SF Edit is not available in MDLP2/4 mode.)
The TOC of a disc, even a protected master disc, can be copied to RAM and edited.