SWR SM 400 400W bass head amplifier


SWR SM 400 bass amplifier


The SWR SM 400 bass amplifier features an all valve preamp section, a limiter using Field Effect Transistors, tone and equalizer controls utilizing Integrated Circuits and two individual power amps employing discreet, solid state devices. The SWR SM 400 is a perfect match for the SWR Goliath II 4 x 10 bass speaker cabinet.

The power amplifiers in the SM-400 can be used individually to provide full bi-amp capabilities when used with the built-in adjustable electronic crossover or can function as stereo, 200 watt power units. If you need more power, the amps can be bridged for 400 Watts @ 8 ohms or 420 watts @ 4 ohms.
Front panel features include Hi and Low Gain input jacks, Gain and Master Volume controls, Integral Limiter and an exclusive feature we call an Aural Enhancer. Tonal flexibility is achieved with Bass and Treble controls and a 4 band Variable Graphic Equalizer. The Crossover Frequency Control adjusts the crossover points of the electronic crossover and the Balance control adjusts the levels of the two power amps when used in the stereo mode.

The back panel features and XLR Balanced Out switchable for direct and line out, Crossover High and Low Frequency Output jacks, and Mono and Stereo Effects loops. A power amp assign switch selects stereo or bridge mode and for speaker outputs, there are two jacks each for left and right out or one banana jack for mono operation.

All Tube Preamp (12AX7 Groove Tube)
Two Discreet 200W Stereo Power Amplifier Section (Bridgeable)
Biamp capable with Adjustable Crossover
Aural Enhancer
4-Band Variable Graphic Equalizer
Integral Limiter
XLR Balanced Direct/Line Out
Stereo Effects Loop