TecPro PS753 power supply for 2-way comms

TecPro PS753 power supply


Tecpro Series 2 Power Supplies provide 24V DC to power small to medium sized intercom systems while terminating the audio lines with the correct impedance, enabling full duplex (simultaneous, two way) conversations to take place over extended cable runs. The 2A supply is capable of driving up to 45 BP511 beltpacks and is housed in a compact, robust, extruded aluminium case designed to withstand the rigours of the live events environment.

Fully compatible with older Tecpro designs.
Series 2 power supplies are protected against short circuit and over-temperature. Protection is electronic and automatic and no resetting is necessary following removal of a fault condition. This new generation of PSU can be operated world-wide without the need to change AC power supply settings.
The PS753 offers three independent intercom circuits which may be linked to create either one or two circuits. It is suitable for smaller theatres and rental companies who may need separate circuits to allow members of the sound crew, for example, to talk together without overhearing the lighting crew and vice versa. User stations are linked to the unit via three male XLR connectors (one per circuit). Two yellow LEDs indicate circuit linking.
All three circuits operate independently (unless linked), and draw their power from the 2A DC supply. A green LED indicates ‘Power ON’
If there is a need for a director to talk to operators on more than one intercom circuit either separately or together, then a Tecpro Master Station should be considered.

Free-standing, compact
Tough, extruded aluminium case
Universal power supply 90-260 V AC, 50-60Hz
Power output 2A total
Short circuit and overload protection with indication
Automatic reset after short circuit
Supports up to 45 Tecpro BP511 beltpacks
3-Pin XLR system connectors are compatible with standard mic cables
Three independent, linkable intercom circuits (PS753 only)with indication
‘Power ON’ and ‘Overload’ indication
Suitable for use with Series 1 and Series 2 products