Vox AC-30 Top-Boost Twin 2 x 12″ combo 30W


Vox AC30 top-boost twin guitar amplifier fawn

A british classic from the sixties. We can offer a ’90s version in a special edition colour (beige!) that combines the best of the ’60s sound and classic looks with modern reliability.

Channel One
Two inputs, one volume, one Vib-Trem Selector, one Vib-Trem Speed/Depth.
Footswitch control for vibrato on/off.

Channel Two
Two inputs, one volume.

Channel Three
Two inputs, one volume, three tone.

Output Power: 36 watts.
Valves: ECC83 (x5), 12AU7, EL84 (x4), GZ34.
Speakers: Two VOX Celestion Alnico 12″ speakers.
Size: 27″ W x 21″ H x 10″ D.