Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom 5-piece Jazz kit – black

Yamaha 9000 drum kit black

The Yamaha 9000 series Recording Custom kit is our most-requested kit and so we keep a choice of sizes. All of our 9000 series drums are finished in Piano Black with chrome hardware. As standard the jazz sized drums are fitted with coated skins on the toms, Ambassador coated snare skin and a Powerstroke 3 bass drum head.

The Yamaha 900 Recording Custom 5-piece Jazz kit includes the following drums:

10 x 8 rack tom
12 x 8 rack tom
14 x 14 floor tom
18 x 16 kick drum

A choice of snare drums is available and one snare is included in the kit price. Please see the drums page for details. The kit price also includes a set of heavy-duty Yamaha hardware including:

3 x boom cymbal stands
hi-hat stand
snare stand
kick drum pedal
drum throne

Drum sizes available from rental stock
8 x 8 rack tom
10 x 8 rack tom
12 x 8 rack tom
12 x 10 rack tom
13 x 9 rack tom
13 x 11 rack tom
14 x 12 rack tom (hanging “floor” tom)
14 x 14 floor tom
16 x 16 floor tom
18 x 16 kick drum
20 x 16 kick drum
22 x 16 kick drum

The Yamaha 9000 Series Recording Custom’s 100% birch shells combine a high gloss lacquer exterior finish with a hand-rubbed stain interior. The 7-ply bass drums and 6-ply tom toms have straight sided walls, allowing unimpeded sound projection. This is further aided by the perfect 45 degree bearing edges. The shells are manufactured using our Air Seal System where the wood plies, with staggered diagonal seams, are sealed together under evenly distributed air pressure. This ensures that all Yamaha shells are the model of consistency and durability.

Birch shells deliver a lower fundamental tone than maple. As a result, they project a warm, rounded sound with a slightly shorter decay, ideal for the controlled environment of the studio. The legendary RC is consequently the most recorded drum kit of modern times. The controlled sound is further helped by sleek, one-piece Hi-Tension heavily chromed lug casings. Precision machined lug nuts provide noise-free operation due to their spring-less casing design.

Yet another innovation of the 9000 Series Recording Custom series was the floor-stand suspended tom tom, pioneered by the world’s number one studio drummer, Steve Gadd. This funky type of mount, at first designed for Steve’s shallower floor toms, led to the now universal adoption of the ‘fusion’ style shell pack.

The Yamaha Recording Custom 9000 is today improved even further by the addition of YESS (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System) mounts. YESS minimizes tom mount-to-shell contact thereby increasing resonance and maximizing dynamic range and sustain.