Yamaha DX-7 Mk 1 FM keyboard synthesiser


Yamaha DX7 Mk1

The Yamaha DX7 Mk 1 is the keyboard that brought digital synthesis for the masses. A generation of frustrated knob-twiddlers striving for a realistic piano bought these by the truckload, but only Brian Eno and a couple of physics lecturers ever worked out how to program them. Still popular for those sounds that only FM synthesis can create, the piano is extraordinary and expressive (if not particularly piano-like) and there are a couple of excellent bass sounds. And that bell-like noise that everyone did to death in the early 80s. If nothing else, the DX-7 gave us a taste of the future: a decent MIDI spec and hours of papering-the-hallway-through-the-letterbox tiny-window-and-no-knob editing. Bliss….

Maximimum Polyphony: 16 notes.
Controllers: breath, sustain pedal, foot 1, foot 2.
61 note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch.
64 patch memories.
Mono audio out.
MIDI in, out & thru.